The Real Me
The Princess Bride This picture is from The Princess Bride, it is a Satire of Fairy Tales so it just pokes fun at the classic Fairy Tale. This movie best describes me because I like to take situations, like at school, the store, or home, and make regular situation over exaggerated or funny for others to enjoy.
Weird Al Yankovic Weird Al Yankovic is a musician who best represents me because he uses his creativity to edit songs for the enjoyment of his fans. I like to also like to use my creativity to make things for the enjoyment of my friends.
Ash Ash Ketchum is a cartoon character that best represents me because he tries his hardest to succeed at what he wants to become, A Pokemon master. I also strive hard to succeed at my goals at becoming the best of the best.
Harley The Harley Davidson Spyder Motorcycle best represents me because it takes the regular two wheeled motorcycle and makes it more childish by turning it into a tricycle. (This is like a grown kid trading in a bicycle for a tricycle.) It shows a sense of wanting to be young at heart, which I very much am.
pig This picture of the baby pig represents me because I am the Year of the Pig. Those born under the Year of the Pig are seen as diligent, compassionate, and very generous which is the reason why other people enjoy my company.
Artist I choose the occupation of an artist because it allows me to be free with my creativity and express myself through it for other to enjoy and interpret how they choose.
Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright This last Picture is from a crossover, adventure, puzzle video game called Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney. This is my favorite picture because it involves puzzels that require great brain power, which I have, and it is very hilarious, which I am, and it's just flat out fun, like me!