This movie fits my personality best becaise i love football and i was firsst a nobody
until i worked hard at what i believed in and now im a somebody. In this movie BIG mike does the same.


Elvis Presley... the reason i chose elvis is because i grew up on elvis and i always loved his music to this day and i just think he fits best in with my personality


I picked goofy to fit me because i act just like him and i like to have fun.


I chose this car because it fits me best cause i love american mad cars.


I chose this animal cause i love pit bulls and this pitbull reminds me of the one i use to have and i loved that dog so thats what fits me.


I chose this occupation cause im a landscaper and it fits me best cause thats what i do.


A football is the image of my choice cause i love football ad it is my life and anyone who knows me, knows that i love football