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Following are a few projects I have completed while attending Montgomery County High School.

Colorado ParkThis is a project I began this year in my begining website design class. It was done to teach me HTML, CSS, writing, mathematics, and many other skills applicable to the real world such as communication, patience, and following directions. Through it I had the opportunity to hone these skills and learn how they are applicable to life after high school.


FBLAMy competition partner Sunny Singh and I composed two speeches, one in the affirmative and one in the negative, for Future Business Leaders of America competition in the spring of 2011. We competed in Emerging Business Issues where we had to give one of the two speeches and answer questions pertaining to the topic of green business and govornment involvement in it. Through this activity I was able to work on my writing skills, my ability to work as part of a team, and my public speaking skills, again all applicable to and neccecary for success in the real world. We were able to achieve first in our region (region 5) and Third at state competition.

StatsThis is a project I completed in January 2011 as an assignment for my AP Statistics class. Through this project we demonstrated our knowledge of statistical reasoning, and learned how to use a computer to represent statistical data.


PenMy final example of work is an essay I wrote as an assignment in the Fall of 2010 for my AP English Literature class. We wrote this to demonstrate our understanding of the novel Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison. The writing was also to demonstrate the level at which we could write up to that point. Through it I developed better writing technique and a deeper understanding of the english languag. I also learned better techniques for analyzing literature in a formal sense.


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