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Letters of Recemendation


English IV- Mrs. Looney

April 14, 2011



To whom it may concern:
It is my distinct pleasure to recommend Ms. Rachel Woosley. I have known Ms. Woosley for approximately nine months. She is currently enrolled in my English IV class at Montgomery County High School. Ms. Woosley has distinguished herself as an outstanding writer and student.
Ms. Woosley is an exceptional writer. I noticed early in the year that Ms. Woosley readily participated in group discussions and could analyze literary texts with more insight than the majority of her peers. I knew she must be a mature student because of the feedback she provided and because she could manage to succeed academically even when her extra-curricular activities took her from class. Later, Ms. Woosley delivered a presentation based on a short story she wrote for class. While many other students were ill-prepared for their presentations, Ms. Woosley accepted the responsibility with enthusiasm. She appeared to thoroughly enjoy the experience of sharing her work with her peers.
Rachel is ambitious and task focused. She is able to juggle multiple responsibilities and remain actively engaged in class. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Ms. Woosley this year and I’m certain she will succeed in post-secondary education. She is a role model for others who try to balance outside interests with school work.
I give Rachel Woosley my unqualified support. Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding my experience with this highly motivated young lady. I can be reached at (859) 274-6753.

Lori Hawkins-Looney




Forensics- Mrs. Arnett

May 17, 2011


I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Rachel Woosley. 

I have been acquainted with Rachel for the past year as her Forensic science teacher and the past two years through the Montgomery Co. 4-H livestock club.     

As a student, Rachel excels in many areas of the school environment.  Rachel is accomplished academically, maintaining a high grade point average.  As her teacher, I can attest to her desire to be successful in her academic endeavors.  She willingly involves herself in classes that enhance her academic foundation.    As a future Agribusiness student, Rachel has concentrated her studies in the agriculture area.    Based on Rachel’s classroom performance and the course selections she has chosen during her high school career, I have no doubt as to her eventual success in all future endeavors.

Rachel’s strengths also span beyond her academic success.  Rachel is currently an active  member of the Montgomery County FFA and Montgomery Co. 4-H, including the saddle club and livestock club.  During her membership in these clubs, she has competed and won numerous local and state competitions.  Her participation in these clubs have greatly accentuated her leadership potential within her school and community.

Rachel is a very well-rounded, hard-working young woman who would has repeatedly demonstrated her dedication to being successful in her future endeavors.  If you should desire further information, please feel free to contact me at 859-497-8765 ext. 2255. 


Melissa Arnett
Science Teacher
Montgomery Co. High School  

English Teacher, Montgomery County High School

















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