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Personality Test results are as follows:

E- Extraversion preferred to intreversion. Often feel motivated by interaction with people. Enjoy a wide circle of aquantances and gain energy from social situtations.

N- abstract and concrete, focus on the big picture rather then little detail and on future possibilities. Focus on final project rather then current task.

T- Thinking preferred to feeling, value objective criteria above personal prefferance.

J- Judgment preffered to perception. tend to plan activities and make decision early. Often predict out comes and plan accordingly

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II consider myself to be successful. I work hard and efficently. My goal in college is to major in Argibusiness. I enjoy working with people as well as alone. As you team you can put more minds together and do better things with all the ideas put together. With one person you can use your own judgment to anaylze the situation. II am an active FFA and 4H member, I enjoy riding horses in my spare time.

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