March 20, 2011

To whom it may concern:

I am writing to recommend Mr. Patrick Blanton for admission and scholarship funding. Mr. Blanton embodies characteristics valued by any post-secondary education culture. He is an outstanding student, maintains excellent rapport with others, and possesses leadership skills.
Patrick is currently enrolled in my English IV course at Montgomery County High School. I have the opportunity to observe Patrick’s interactions with peers on a daily basis and draw conclusions about his academic abilities. I notice that Patrick is always a willing participant in group projects. He completes work on a timely basis and readily participates in class discussions. Moreover, he takes pride in his work. I particularly enjoy Patrick’s presentations. He is always well-rehearsed and professional, often setting the standard for his peers.
Patrick has a fantastic personality and is even-tempered. I have noticed that he is well-liked by his peers and teachers. His temperament and great sense of humor endear him to his contemporaries and instructors alike. Patrick is well-mannered and thoughtful. He always treats instructors and peers with respect.
I am especially proud of Patrick’s maturity and behavior. He rarely misses school, and if he does, he is vigilant about making up missed assignments and complying with all expectations. Patrick’s speaking skills, intellect, and maturity equip him for leadership roles in post-secondary education and life.
Patrick Blanton will make a successful college student. He is a bright, hard-working young man who deserves admission and access to financial support for his education. Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding my experience with this fine young man. I can be reached at (859) 274-6753.

Lori Hawkins-Looney
English Teacher, Montgomery County High School

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May 17, 2011


I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Thomas Patrick Blanton. 

I have been acquainted with Patrick for the past year as his Forensic science teacher.  During the course of the school year Patrick has proven to be a very diligent, hard-working, and respectful student.  His work is always completed in a timely manner and with great accuracy.

As a student, Patrick excels in many areas of the school environment.  Patrick is accomplished academically, maintaining a high grade point average while enrolled in a rigorous curriculum.  As his teacher, I can attest to his desire to be successful in his academic endeavors.  He willingly involves himself in classes that enhance his academic foundation.    Patrick strives to produce only high quality work for class assignments and projects.  Based on Patrick’s classroom performance and the course selections he has chosen during his high school career, I have no doubt as to his eventual success in all future endeavors.

Patrick is a well rounded student.  He is a not only a member of the Montgomery Co. High School FBLA, but he has also received several awards and recognitions during club competitions.  Patrick was also a member of the high school football team, which has enhanced his ability to be a leader in his school and community.  I consider him to be an exemplary role model for others to emulate.

Patrick is a very well-rounded, hard-working young man who would put forth only his best effort at any task at hand.  If you should desire further information, please feel free to contact me at 859-497-8765 ext. 2255. 


Melissa Arnett
Science Teacher
Montgomery Co. High School  

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