my career choice is graphic design.


graphic designers have a lot of opportunities to showcase their creativity. they have to be problem solvers and must figure out the most attractive way to get a message across. graphic designers can work on a vast array of projects, not just websites. these projects can include promotional displays, packaging, marketing brochures for products and services, logos for products and businesses, etc. as you can see, there are many different options in this field.



usually, a bachelor’s in graphic design is required for entry-level and advanced positions. some desirable skills include creativity, problem-solving skills and the ability to communicate. adjusting to change is crucial as well, as your client can change what they want.




employment in graphic design is expected to grow 13%, which is about average. with the rapid growth of technology, we can expect that number to rise.




on average, a graphic designer earns about $43,000 a year, but that is only the median. 75% percentile earns up to $58,600 and the 90% percentile earns $76,910.



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