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May 24, 2011



To whom it may concern:
I am writing to recommend Mr. Michael Sturgill for admission and scholarship funding. Mr. Sturgill embodies the characteristics valued by any post-secondary education culture. He possesses a strong work ethic; is a leader among his peers; and always maintains a positive, respectful attitude.
Michael Sturgill is currently enrolled in my English IV course at Montgomery County High School. I have the opportunity to observe Michael’s interactions with peers on a daily basis and draw conclusions about his academic abilities. I notice that Michael is always a willing participant in group projects. He completes work on a timely basis and readily participates in class discussions. During a year in which many of his classmates choose a less rigorous path, Michael tackles difficult class assignments, earns high marks, and attends school regularly. Because he perseveres and models positive relations with others, he has a positive influence on his fellow classmates.
Michael is a leader among his peers. He is a skilled student athlete and manages to balance a rigorous practice and game schedule with his academic responsibilities. Michael is a quiet, confident leader who doesn’t call attention to himself. Rather, he lets his accomplishments, work ethic, and dependability speak for themselves. Michael is also courteous and respectful to teachers, coaches, and classmates.
I give Michael Sturgill my unqualified support. I am certain that he will make a successful college student. Michael Sturgill is a bright, hard-working young man who deserves admission and access to financial support for his education. Michael would benefit from the highest level of scholarship funding available. Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding my experience with Mr. Sturgill. I can be reached at (859) 274-6753.

Lori Hawkins-Looney
English Teacher, Montgomery County High School



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