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Letters of Recomendation

To Whom It May Concern:

     This is in response to a request by Logan Lambert for a letter of recommendation. I am pleased to be able to provide this information.
I had the pleasure of having Logan in Algebra I class his freshman year at Montgomery County High School. Logan was an above average student in my Algebra I class. He had the ability to think differently in solving various mathematic problems. He was patient and determined in his studies. I was impressed how he diligently made up work missed because of illness.
Logan was never a discipline problem or required any special treatment during class. He was a solid mathematics student and a pleasure to have in class. More specific information can be provided if necessary. I can be contacted by telephone at MCHS or e-mailed at Terry.Mullins@Montgomery.kyschools.us


                                                                                                                    Terry Mullins
Algebra Teacher

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To Whom It May Concern:

            My name is Pamela Callahan, and I am a math teacher at Montgomery County High school.  I am honored to be writing this letter of recommendation for Logan Lambert.  Logan is a student in my pre-Advanced Placement Geometry course, and he is a top student in my class.  He has done well on all unit assessments as well as diagnostic testing for mathematics.

Logan has very strong analytical skills and is very diligent in completing his work.  He also is very knowledgeable about current technology.  Logan also has a great rapport with students and staff.  He is very courteous to everyone.  I would definitely recommend Logan for any position with an organization.   

            If you have any questions or need any additional information, please do not hesitate to call me at the number listed above.


                                                                                    Pamela D. Callahan
Montgomery County High School
724 Woodford Drive
Mount Sterling, KY  4035
(859) 497-8765

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