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Roller coaster design is a dream job for creative people who love a thrill and are interested in engineering, physics and entertainment. The job can be hard to get. According to Salary.com, about 100 roller coaster design companies operate in the United States.

Roller coaster designers often oversee the entire process of building a coaster, usually from its inception. Once commissioned by an amusement park to build a custom ride, the designer, often along with a team, will determine whether the coaster will be suspended, looping, or straight; whether the design will incorporate water, tunnels, or straight drops; and how tall and long the ride will be. The design team will also take the characteristics of the park into consideration, including the landscape, surrounding view, capacity and popularity of the park.

Roller coaster designers often have backgrounds in physics, design, engineering or architecture. No school in the United States specifically trains roller coaster designers. Those students interested in this field should take courses related to the design of roller coasters, such as advanced math, physics, engineering and drafting.

Roller coaster engineers can expect to make $45,000 to $80,000 U.S. a year. With about 100 roller coaster design firms in the US, there are fewer than 1,000 positions as a roller coaster designer available. Entry-level positions in roller coaster design, either assisting designers or drafting, offer about $30,000 a year

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