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This page showcases my portfolio of projects and essays I have completed that display my skills and experience that qualify me for the position as a Speech-Language Pathologist.

The Real Me Website

This is a webpage that I created in Mrs. Barker's webdesign class.
I had to create this project to learn how to create basic webpages, and to learn about myself.
From this project, I learned a lot about myself, and it caused my passion for Speech-Language Pathology to bloom.

Click here to view The Real Me webpage

This is an essay that I wrote for Ms. Mandrell's AP English Language class.
I wrote this essay for our Crime and Culture lesson. My topic of choice was child abuse.
From this essay, I learned about how deeply passionate I really am about helping other people.

Here is the essay in PDF: "Oh Dear Masquerade,"

Superbowl Website

This is a website that I designed with a partner in Mrs. Barker's webdesign class. This project was just a fun assignment that we did over the Superbowl. By creating this website with a partner, I learned how to work with other people and how to communicate effectively with the person I'm working with.

Click here to view the Superbowl webpage

Multiculture Website

This project was a webpage that I also created in Mrs. Barker's webdesign class. I worked with a partner to research the country of Sweden. By doing this project, I learned about other cultures and different ways of life. In turn, this taught me to accept other people for how they are, no matter how different they may be from myself.

Click here to view the Multicultural-Sweden webpage


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