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Joshua Mobley
129 Southdale Drive
 Mt. Sterling, KY, 40353


Montgomery County High School– Mt. Sterling, KY

Work Experience

Montgomery County Fire Dept., 2010-Present
600 hours of training, and special/training from Major Tony Clayton and Mark Cole
Montgomery County Emergency Medical Technician (Paramedics), 2010-Present
Ride along in the ambulances to see how they work with their patients in short amount of time, and 300 hours of training and testing on specific books

Achievements, Activities, Certificates and Licenses

Volunteer Firefighter, 2010-Present
EMT license and advanced certification, 2010-Present
200 hours of fighting fires voluntary, 2011

Skills/Technical Skills

Replacing hoses on the trucks.
Driving emergency vehicles to and from fires/accidents.
Escorting fire chief and majors to emergencies.
Getting citizens out of the dangerous situations

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