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Letters of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern,
Josh Mobley is a delightful young man; he is a hard worker, a community volunteer, and is quite popular among his peers.  As his teacher, I’ve found many good qualities in Josh that will be helpful in the workforce.  Josh will be a vital asset to any employer.
Josh works very hard to keep his grades up.  For him, failure is not an option.  He doesn’t just care about his own success either; he’s always willing to help a struggling peer. 
The kindness that Josh shows toward others goes beyond the classroom.  As his club sponsor, I’ve seen him lend a helping hand to many members of the community.  He completes each task with great dignity and is an excellent example for others to follow.
It is with great honor that I recommend Josh Mobley for employment.  Josh will work hard.  He’s a team player, and will lead others.  Josh will make any business a success because of these excellent qualities that he brings to the table.
Allison Whaley
MCHS Teacher


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