Joshua Mobley
Bow and Luke Duke I've always been told i'd grow up and drive just like Bow and Luke because thats all i would talk about when i was a kid. I always wanted to jump things and race people even if i knew i would lose.
Chocolate This dog reminds me alot of mine, they say that a dog is a mans best friend and he really is. We go fishing and hunting together just to get away from the real world.
Dodge This would just so happen to be one of my best hobbies. I love working on old trucks and detailing cars. I don't care how dirty it is, i go mudding just so that i can have a couple extra cars to clean.
Justin I like to get out and have fun with friends and this here country singer is all you need.
Wild These guys are true comedians. I love road trips and having a good time and thats what their all about.
Cattle I work on a farm for a living. Working with cattle and riding horses is all i want to do for the rest of my life.
Honda Dirt bikes is the best to have. They work great on the farm plus i have a good time on the things. They get me where i need to go fast on when i need to get there.