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1.) FBLA : This first link you may find helpful, in telling you more about FBLA and what FBLA does.

2.) Montgomery County ATC : This will tell you more about the Montgomery County ATC, along with other programs that are located at the ATC.

3.) Adobe : These are the programs that I used to create the site. (Macromedia Dreamweaver MX along with Photoshop CS3)

4.) Google : This is where I found many of my images that I used throughout my website, mainly on my products page for the flowers.

5.) Photobucket : This is where I uploaded and found some of my images.

6.) Paypal : This is where I obtained my shopping cart along with my add to cart buttons.

7.) Flower Care : This page will provide you with information about flowers, and how to care for them.

8.) National FBLA Website : This is the National Site, it goes into much farther detail about FBLA.

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