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Project One:

Flash Game
Made in 2007.
I had one partner, Krissy Taulbee, and one week to finish the project.
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Made in Macromedia Flash MX, this flash game took a great deal of motivation and creativity.  There were only some parts of the game that were difficult though.  For example, the maze that requires you to move the cursor through the white space only.  In class we did not learn how to create an area that enables you to rollover it in sections that would primarily act as a button, yet not actually be a button.
My favorite part of this project was initially brainstorming the ideas for this game.  With an Impossible Quiz, you are able to be as creative and witty as you want, with no rules in front of you.

Project Two:
Photography that I have taken on my own. No editing.

Photography for me is like telling a story through images.  Some people say that a picture is worth a thousand words.  But I’m sure that you can explain a single photograph in more than a million.  When I capture a decent picture, I feel a sense of accomplishment.  I enjoy telling others about the good things I have experienced or witnessed, and when I can show them as well, it makes it all the better.
The only thing that I’m not very fond of is taking pictures of people.  There are so many things that can constitute to a person’s expression, and normally the result you get from a mix of emotions and opinions isn’t the true feeling.  Instead, with nature you get the true beauty of something, and not an act.

Project Three:
Photoshop Design
These are designs that I have put together, whether by request or simply doing them because I felt the need to be creative.
[Opens in Photobucket]

When I use Photoshop to edit photos, I can tweak the natural image to something extravagant and more pleasing to the eye.  Blending is the main thing I do though, simply because it keeps the first image untainted, and only changes some of the edges to fade into another photo.  At times I do work with the color to change the different type of effect the picture will show; however I would like to keep the pictures as natural as possible.
The only difficulty I find with editing photos will be the certain angles to blend pictures.  Sometimes you don’t get pictures whose backgrounds match too well, and in order to blend them in an aesthetically pleasing way, you have to delete certain areas of the pictures and then try to blend the two the best way you know how.  When this happens, my perfectionism kicks in and takes over, in hope to create a good picture for the end result.

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Project Four:
This is a small collection of the many animations that I have done. I made them because I co-designed a Myspace™® for people to choose decor for their own pages.
[Opens in Photobucket]

For these flash animations I didn’t use Macromedia Flash; instead, I used Adobe ImageReady.  The images are especially flashy, but it is in consideration of the current fad of animations. 
The thing I enjoyed most about creating these images would be the final result of being able to show many images through one whole image.  I normally gather images that relate to one another in some way when I make these flashy animations, so in the end the picture will have some sort of meaning.