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Web/Graphic Designers

I chose this career because I can express my creative abilities, more than what I could plan to do if I were to attempt anything else. I believe that I would do well with this job and meet its demands respectively.

Nature Of The Work

Working conditions vary for Web/Graphic designers. Some people prefer to work from home, being self-employed, whereas others would rather work for a studio or company. Most of this work is completed at a computer.

Training Needed

For most entry-level workers, a bachelor's degree is required, as is for some more advanced positions as well. Rarely will there be a chance to be at entry-level with an associate's degree. Also, a precise eye for detail is needed, as well as your own personal creativity.

Job Outlook

The job expectancy is going toward expanding by 10% between the years 2006-2016. The main place for advancement would be in the advertising firms that are looking for new creations to help sell their product.


Generally, a Web\Graphic designer will make around $30,600 to $53,310 in a year. This is for the middle-class workers of this profession, which makes up 50% of the career workers. The lower 10% will earn around or less than $24,120, where the highest will earn around or above $69,730 annually. The most annual median earning jobs in this career were: Specialized design services [$43,410], Advertising and related services [$41,600], Newspaper, periodical, book, and directory publishers [$34,290], Printing and related support activities [$33,930], and Newspaper publishers [$31,540].

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