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Here are some example of past projects I have completed.

Project One: Advertisement Header for Tylenol
Created for Flash MX Class in 2005.
The project was to create a Flash Header for a Web site or Advertisement.
It taught me how to combine advertisement techniques and flash techniques to create a pleasing banner.

Project Two: FBLA MAGIC Video
Created for Video Editing Class in 2006-07
The point of this video was to explain the state project MAGIC (Making a Great Investment in Children).
This video was entered in to Regional, State, and National Competition.
Receiving 1st in Region and 3rd in State.
It taught me how to handle critiques and how to use them to better my work.


Project Three: Overcoming Divorce
Created for my Mock-Portfolio in 2006-07
I received a Proficient on this piece.
This piece is a perspective of divorce from a child's point of view and how it is possible
for that child to overcome this devastating time in their life. This is my first Personal Essay and so I
learned the basic making of one from this piece.


Project Four: A Hidden Love
Created for Acc. English II in 2006-07
This poem was a project in a Poetry Review for my English class.
This poem was an innovation of imagery, metaphors, and similes all describing
the pain of the heartbroken trying to put together the pieces again. This piece taught me how to perfect my
work through the criticisms of my teachers and classmates.
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A Video created in Video Editing 2006-07: FBLA MAGIC

This file is 75,221 kb and is a total of 3 minutes and 52 seconds long.
Broadband and Windows Media Player is recommended to view it.
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Overcoming Divorce

Within today’s marriages over half will end in divorce. Many of these divorced families include children, and this kind of separation can have a psychological effect on them. The vulnerability placed on children can commonly be overwhelming for them, leaving them to believe that the divorce is their own fault. When in all reality the divorce is not their fault at all. Yet, I believe that some divorces controlled in the proper manner can be helpful to the children’s growth. Divorce may hurt the child, but in the end it can make him or her stronger.

As many psychologists will explain, divorce can hurt child development by causing confusion in ideas of love. The children will often believe they were the cause of the divorce and that it’s up to them to bring their parents together. Therefore this idea of causing the divorce will add more stress to the child’s life. When my parents separated I was just six years old, and I really didn't’t understand what was going on. No one actually took the time to sit down and explain to me that “mom and dad” were no longer in “love” and wanted a divorce. So I felt it was all up to me to put things back into place and bring our family back together again. For years I believed I could do it, and I tried. It wasn't’t until my mom and father started to date other people for me to realize that all my efforts were futile.

It was from those early struggles did I start to learn about the real world. As a divorcee’s child I was set to a schedule between my parents. I’d see my father every Tuesday, every other weekend, and on holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. The same went for my birthday as well. Confused yet? Because I still am. This caused massive stress on my life, especially growing up. Yet, it was from this schedule I learned to become detail-orientated. I would need to know where I am going, at what time I’m leaving, and when I’ll be home. I was always ready to go before my father came to pick me up. I efficiently learned to pack and repack my suitcase to be ready for wherever I was headed, a very handy skill to have especially for those who are always on the go.

But most of all the important lesson I feel any child can gain from this experience is a lesson on love. The child can see how important it is to wait for the right person. How it’s good to date many others and figure out what he wants to have in his future mate. The idea is that it isn’t good to just settle on the first person he’ll meet, because there are so many different types out there. I’m learning this slowly, but I can see the beginning of this lesson. I’m just a teenager, and I don’t know everything but I know enough to realize settling on the first person I meet can have disastrous effects on the rest of my life. I’ve had instances in which I’ve held on to my boyfriends for extremely long periods up to a year or more. It held me back from many experiences and opportunities I could’ve had in my life. Yet, if I hadn’t talked to my mother about this, I feel I wouldn’t be at the level of understanding I’m at today.

Therefore it’s very important that parents sit down with their children and talk to them about the reasons for the divorce, and why it didn’t work out. Explain to the child why it’s imperative for him to look and wait for that special someone. I feel this is a very large aspect of the child’s life. The child must understand the divorce is not his fault and that he can survive and, yes, even thrive from this hardship. I have grown into a respectable young woman, and I’m still maturing as I learn more and more every day. I feel that, yes, a divorce can hurt and possible damage a child. Yet with the right care and nurturing from his or her parents, the child can grow and flourish from it, making him stronger for the harder lessons in life to come. Just as a phoenix rises from the ashes, a child can prosper from a divorce.

Work Cited

American Academy of Child Adolescent Psychiatry. Facts for Families© 2007. 4/10/07.

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A Hidden Love
By: Holly Mitchell

Oh my love,
My heart has been torn from my chest
Still beating, forced down my throat,
Slowing choking me,
Stealing my every breath,
Leaving me speechless.

How am I to go on,
In this anguish,
This pain that ever burdens my soul?
Why must my mind be split in two
Forever bickering over right and wrong?

Can you not see the sorrow,
That reflects in my glazed eyes?
Can you not see the troubles hidden
Behind this plastered smile?
Do you not know me better than I myself?
Can you not easily tell when I lie or when I hide?

Let me come to my senses,
For this is all I can take.
This tornado of thoughts
Clutters my mind and confuses me more.
These muddled waters never cease,

Yet the moon leaves a ribbon of light,
The only path seen clear.
Everything else is cast in shadows,
Leaving me to question,
What monsters
Await me there?


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