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Letters of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

Brittany Blanton has been a pleasant surprise for each of us at the Mt. Sterling Christian School and Daycare. As the after-school supervisor I have gotten the unique opportunity to work with and get to know Brittany. In so many cases, you are taking a huge risk when you hire a high school student; Brittany has made that risk extremely worthwhile. As a rule most high school students lack the responsibility and maturity it takes to be dependable in the workplace, Brittany has been that exception.
Brittany’s official title in the afternoons is pre-school assistant, but on multiple occasions she has been left in charge of her classroom in the evening with solid results. She has developed a safe, fun learning environment for the children in her care. She has developed a solid system for both discipline and enjoyment. She maintains a relationship of love and compassion with the children, while still being in control of the classroom. Brittany has been successful at a position that many two and three times her age have failed. She meets each child’s needs with a genuine concern and attention, while being able to regulate behavior. I believe for me that most impressive virtue that can be seen is the reaction she receives each day when she walks into her room. Each day when she walks in children from all over the room quit what they are doing to come over and hug her. She does not prompt the children, she does not suggest the children come to her, she only walks in and the solid relationships she has developed take over. To see a three year old child put down their favorite toy to give a hug to a teenager shows both the work Brittany has put in and the character she possess.
Brittany Blanton has went a long way in showing each of us at the Mt. Sterling Christian School and Daycare that character and maturity are much more important than age. She succeeds in an environment known to breed failure. She displays her responsible nature and Christian character on a daily basis, and has become a leader in her classroom. Whether working alone or in a group setting she has been a blessing to each of us. Again as today’s generation of teenagers develop a bad rap for sophomoric, lewd, sloth-like attitudes, Brittany Blanton is the exception.

God Bless

Chris Davis
Mt. Sterling Christian School & Daycare, After School Director

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To Whom it May Concern:

It is my pleasure to recommend Brittany Blanton for employment at your company. I have known Brittany for three years and have found her to be an outstanding student and citizen who strives to do her best in all areas of life. She is currently enrolled in my Accelerated Chemistry class and demonstrates responsibility, problem-solving skills, and self-discipline.

As a student, Brittany is at the top of her class. She has been able to maintain a 4.0 average, even with taking accelerated, honors, and Advanced Placement courses. In addition to these advanced core classes, she has also focused on her business skills. She is proficient in all Microsoft Office programs and is capable of typing 50 words per minute.

Outside of class, Brittany further displays excellence through her personal and extra-curricular activities. She is a very selfless individual who gives a great deal of time to community and charitable service. As a vital member of SERVE, she is an active mentor in the sophomore volunteer program. She has also performed community service working at Goodwill to sort donated items and collecting canned foods for needy families.

Because of her desire to constantly improve, her leadership skills, and her willingness to serve in her community, Brittany would be an excellent candidate for your company. Thank you for your consideration.


Tracy Fugate
Chemistry Teacher, MCHS

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