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About Me
Ltrs. of Rec.

My Projects

My personal essay for my portfolio, written for Honors English III. This piece expresses my love of and experience in dance. Completing this piece allowed me to express myself and learn how to write using a different format for personal writing.


My book review for my portfolio, written for AP US History. This piece is my analysis of a historical book that I read. It helped me to develop analytical skills.

Landscape Photograph

This photograph was taken for experience in photography and was used as a basis for a monochramatic painting that I painted. This project allowed me to learn about landscapes.

Eyes Drawing
This is a portion of an art project that taught me about value and how to draw facial features for my Art I class.

My website about the Montgomery Co. Fair was designed in my Web Site Design class. This assignment taught me how to develop the layout and design elements of a web page.

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