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Career Choice: Graphic Designer

Description: Graphic designers are responsible for planning, analyzing, and creating visual solutions for communication problems with electronic, filming, and print media. They do this through color, type, illustration, photography, animation, and various print and layout techniques. Designers develop the overall layout of magazines, newspapers, corporate reports, journals, and other publications. They may also be responsible for promotional ads, logos, signs, and other advertisements. Many graphic designers develop material for Internet web pages and other multimedia projects. They usually begin by developing sketches and layouts and must work closely with the client to meet the needs of that client.

Education Required: A bachelor's or an associate degree are usually required for this job. It is important for the designer to have creativity, problem solving skills, and communication skills. Previous experience in the graphics design field is required and a well-developed portfolio of work is very helpful.

Future Job Outlook: Employment in this career field should develop at an average rate. Individuals in the technological area of this career field, particularly with computer skills and web design and animation experience will have more opportunity due to the quickly expanding technology. Median earnings for an entry level graphic designer are about $35,000.

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