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As I gazed up, my eyes wandered from each wax animal to another. All my life I have loved animals, even when I was in kindergarten. My mom and dad were still together. Little did I know that in the fourth grade they would separate. My mother, father, sister, brother, and I went to a wax museum while on a vacation. My family was happy, laughing, and smiling. Someone would get on both sides of me and lift me up through the air by hands. I felt as if I were a bird flying high above the crisp earth. I would smile and laugh as they did so because I loved the feeling of the wind in my blond flowing hair.

The wax museum astonished me. As we all walked through, we gazed upon many different life-sized wax animals. I stopped, stared long and hard at one animal. I saw that it didn’t move. It was as lifeless as the floor I walked on. I looked up at my mother and asked her why it wasn’t moving. Sweetly she replied that it wasn’t real, that it was only made from was. Keeping this in mind, I starred wide eyed and smiling at the sculptures. There was a ram, a gazelle, bear, a cheetah, tigers, birds, lizards, and so much more.

After about five minutes, the thought that they were wax was pushed firmly out of my mind. Then, I saw it. There in front of me was a giant buffalo. It stood tall and proud, just as an old mighty oak tree planted firmly into the soil. It had brown fur that changed shades as it went from its neck to back. A clump of it hung as a main of a lion around its neck. What a lovely creature! Not remembering it was made of wax, I wanted to go pet this enormous beast.

Right in front of where this heavenly creature was displayed, there was a small white step. Maybe I can pet it I thought to myself. So I ran like a cheetah after its prey. My family was shouting from behind me to stop, for they all knew what I was about to do. I paid them no mind and ran on. I decided to jump and skip the step. Smack! What I didn’t know was that there was glass between me and the beast. So there I was, sprawled out and suspended in the air held up by the glass, just as the birds on the Windex commercials. My family stood behind me silent. Then I slowly slid down the glass. As I did so, it sounded like someone pressed their hand on a window and moved it down. I fell backwards onto the floor. By then, my family was hysteric with laughter. Just as the figures carved in wax, that day is carved into my mind.

This was wrote in 7th or 8th grade. I wrote this because i wanted to write about a funny time that I would never forget. I leared that details make a piece better.
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