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Dear principal,

Imagine that you are walking in a school. You walk down the hall and playfully trip your friend. Your friend laughs and says “ I’ll get you back”. You go to gym and change into your gym clothes. You might not know it, but electronic eyes are watching your every move. They saw you horse playing in the hall, when you were in class, and maybe even when you were changing in the gym locker-room. If you’re like me, you would feel as if your privacy had been taken away. Schools should not have security cameras.

First of all, security cameras would give us students an eerie feeling. It would make us feel like we did something wrong, or like we’re being punished. We would know that we’re being watched at all times and every where we go. That’s not right! In one case, security cameras were put in the gym locker-room. This would freak some students out if it happened in their school. Most students would be afraid to change out in gym if this happened. Therefore, students gym grades would drop because part of the grade is whether or not they changed out. We would feel as if we’re being stalked. “It’s a good thing, but then again, it’s scary” says Tiffany Carmack, a student at Little Miami High School. “ Nobody wants to be watched at all times. I think it’s scary” A student at Mc Nabb Middle School told me. Mc Nabb is considering getting security cameras. It would also effect students’ grades and class work.Students would worry about the cameras and not focus on their class work.

An additional fact that you should know, is that security cameras would cost an arm and a leg. Security cameras were installed in Little Miami High School. It cost $ 4,000 to install them in the hall ways and in the cafeteria. Mc Nabb, as well as many others, doesn’t have the money to spare. We need better chairs, desks, and computers. We should also buy new protractors, rulers, and calculators. There are other supplies that we need to purchase for classes. If you want to make sure that students will be safe, you could hire security guards. This would be a whole lot cheaper.

Security cameras are also an invasion of privacy. If cameras are installed in school, most students would feel as if they had no right to privacy. Students wouldn’t know if they were being watched while they use the restroom, or while they were changing. In Livingston Middle School, cameras were installed in the gym locker-room. The school board didn’t tell anyone, therefore know one knew. That is a complete invasion of privacy. Then, someone put the pictures on the Internet for everyone to see. That is nasty for a grown person to do that! How do we know that it will not happen to us? That’s devastating! Students trust would be completely shattered

“ Security cameras would make students feel safer” you may say. If you want to know the truth, that’s wrong. Security cameras would actually scare the students because if they see one, they would know that they are being watched. It would be better if cameras were left out of schools so students would concentrate on their work.

Now imagine walking down a school hall, relived that you can talk and not feel you are being stalked. Also, your privacy is not being invaded. You walk into your class and see new tables, chairs, desks, and two new computers. In your math class, you notice new protractors, calculators, and rulers. School life is now worry free because security cameras are not in schools.
Principal, schools should not have security cameras. They would effect students’ grades, give students and eerie feeling, and they cost too much. It would be best to leave them out of school.

A concerned student

This was wrote in 7th or 8th grade for my portfolio.
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