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Hidden Meaning

I feel like a dog
Tugging on its chain,
I can’t run free
And feel so much pain.

I want to do so many things
But can’t,
I feel like a withering
Dried up plant.

I break free and start to run
But I’m stopped by an invisible wall,
I look around to find a way to escape
Then the ground disappears and I start to fall.

Out of no where
I’m saved by a giant hawk,
The hawk swoops down
And kills a baby crock.

Poof, I’m in another place
And I land on a giant gazelle’s head,
We ride up and ram a cheetah
And just like that he’s dead.

Poof, I’m gone again
And I reach into my pocket
And pull out a bag of seeds that’s new,
I’ve never seen them before
So I do what any one else would do.

I pull out a seed
And stick it in the ground,
Less than a minute later
I hear a strange sound.

I look up and see a rain cloud
But it is only raining over the seed,
By the time the little shower is over
I’ve never seen a seed grow with such speed.

The seed blooms
And it is such a beautiful sight,
When it finishes blooming
It glows so bright.

After that
My life has had a big change,
It was much better
But who was to blame?

This is what everything stands for:
The chain represents my parents and so was the invisible wall.
The hawk represents my foolish actions.
The crock represents things that would have been if it wasn’t for my foolish actions.
The gazelle represents the mistakes that I have made.
The cheetah represents everything I like that has vanished because of my mistakes.
The seeds represent the little hope I had left.
The rain represents all of the things that I have done right.
The beautiful flower represents the life I started after I learned my mistakes.


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