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Fundamentals of the Web Design Academy will focus on the overall production processes surrounding website design with particular emphasis on design elements involving layout, navigation and interactivity.

The curriculum assumes the students have no prior knowledge of computers. An eighth grade reading, writing and math proficiency is expected, as well as a desire to learn the curriculum. However, students will have a more enriched education in the Web Design Academy by previously taking keyboarding and/or introduction to computers which are currently available at Montgomery County Area Technology Center.

Upon completion of this academy, students will be employable for an entry-level position in web design. Students will have an understanding of:

  • Web site architecture; work flow and production processes
  • Principles of graphic and content creation for online media
  • Fundamental online graphic design principles including appropriate interactivity, content sensitive navigation schemes, and user interface criteria
  • Task appropriate software tool selection
  • Distinctive attributes of the web as a unique medium
  • Web animation techniques
  • Web site accessibility
  • Web site implementation and hosting
  • Media skills necessary to become a web designer either as an employee or freelance designer



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