Restroom Supervision Schedule

Zone 1 Hallway Downstairs Boys Girls
8:13 8:20 (Before TGA) R. Wilson S. Adams
Between 1st & 2nd J. Willoughby  J. Woodall
Between 2nd & 3rd A. Tyree  J. Woodall
Between 3rd & 4th M. Mantooth  J. Woodall
Between 4th & 5th S. Rose R. Banks
Between 5th & 6th S. Rose C. Murphy
Between 6th & 7th P. Kent S. Adams
After School M. Mantooth J. Henderson
Zone 1 Hallway Upstairs Boys Girls
8:13 8:20 (Before TGA) S. Hundley S. Gorrell
Between 1st & 2nd B. Brewer S. Thornton
Between 2nd & 3rd C. Combs R. Mantooth
Between 3rd & 4th J. Manley L. Mandrell
Between 4th & 5th R. Donaldson D. Cline
Between 5th & 6th N. Pannell K. Barnes
Between 6th & 7th J. Manley S. Gorrell
After School C. Combs P. Woodford
Zone 2 Hallway Boys Girls
8:13 8:20 (Before TGA) G. Conyers F. Bond
Between 1st & 2nd D. Stafford V. Brown
Between 2nd & 3rd G. Conyers M. Arnett
Between 3rd & 4th D. Stafford L. Manley
Between 4th & 5th G. Conyers T. Fugate
Between 5th & 6th M. Crain P. Ellis
Between 6th & 7th K. Letcher N. Bailey
After School G. Conyers M. Payne
Zone 3 Hallway Boys Girls
8:13 8:20 (Before TGA)  J. Arnett S. Pence
Between 1st & 2nd M. Sexton K. Cole
Between 2nd & 3rd M. Sexton S. Pence
Between 3rd & 4th A. Stull K. Cole
Between 4th & 5th D. Estridge S. Pence
Between 5th & 6th A. Stull K. Cole
Between 6th & 7th D. Estridge S. Pence
After School A. Stull K. Cole

Everyone must share in the responsibility of hallway and restroom supervision.  In the case of staff assignments, each of you, as professionals, should help each other so that we can ensure a safe, orderly environment for our students.

Just being present in the hallways is often the deterrent needed to stop most misbehavior.

Revised 7/31/09