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Co-op I, II, III – Welding (WLD 199 & 299)
Grade: 12 Credit: 1 MaxCred: 3
Prerequisite: documents/StudentHandbook 2016-2017.pdf must enrolled in at least his/her third welding course and will be a program completer by graduation.
Comments: Teacher recommendation required. Cooperative Education provides supervised on-the-job work experience related to the students' educational objectives. documents/StudentHandbook 2016-2017.pdfs participating in the Cooperative Education program receive compensation for their work.


Cutting Processes – WLD 110 & 111/Shielded Metal Arc Welding WLD 120 & 121
Grade: 9-12 Credit: 2 MaxCred: 2

A working knowledge of various cutting processes used by the welding industry. Will include, but is not limited to, safety, theory of operation, setup and operating techniques, troubleshooting, and making minor equipment repairs, terms and definitions, identification, evaluation, repair and prevention of discontinuities of cut surfaces. Includes oxy-fuel cutting, plasma arc cutting, exothermic cutting, air carbon arc cutting, shielded metal arc cutting, and mechanical cutting process. Designed to provide the student with practical experience to become proficient in the use of various metal cutting processes. Safety, setup, and operating techniques are employed. documents/StudentHandbook 2016-2017.pdfs will troubleshoot and make minor repairs to equipment. documents/StudentHandbook 2016-2017.pdfs will also learn to identify, repair, and prevent reoccurrence of cut surface discontinuities. Processes shall include, but is not limited to: OFC, PAC, AAC, and mechanical methods. Various materials will be used where appropriate. Teaches students the identification, inspection, and maintenance of SMAW electrodes; principles of SMAW; the effects of variables on the SMAW process to weld plate and pipe; and metallurgy. Provides laboratory experiences in which the student acquires the manipulative skills to perform fillet welds in all positions.


Gas Metal Arc Welding Groove Lab
GMAW Groove Lab WLD-143

Grade: 11-12 Credit: 1 MaxCred: 1
Prerequisite: WEL 140 or Consent of Instructor.

Teaches the method of operation and application of the Gas Metal Arc Welding process for welding groove welds in both ferrous and non-ferrous plate in all positions using both short circuiting and spray transfer where appropriate.


Shielded Metal Arc Welding Open Groove Lab

Grade: 11-12 Credit: 1 MaxCred: 1
Prerequisite: WLD 120 and 121 or Consent of Instructor.

Designed to build upon SMAW Plate Lab I and II. Offers the student the opportunity to advance skills in the practical aspects of v-butt plate welding using SMAW.

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