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Website Design (IT 130)
Grade: 9-12 Credit: 1 MaxCred: 1
Prerequisite: Document Formatting and Word Processing or Introduction to Computers documents/StudentHandbook 2016-2017.pdfs will become familiar with the Dreamweaver software environment, and create web pages and sites by typing and formatting text, importing graphics, adding links, building tables, using tables and uploading files to a web server. Examples of Web Pages that will be developed: personal, small business, community, travel, and school.

Professional Development
Grade: 10-12 Credit: 1 MaxCred: 1
Prerequisite: Keyboarding
Comments: Teacher recommendation required.
This is a course designed for the self-motivated, responsible, dependable student. Individual assignments (projects) are given in the area in which the students are trained. documents/StudentHandbook 2016-2017.pdfs will be responsible for keeping a filing system, learning proper telephone techniques, and recording data accurately. documents/StudentHandbook 2016-2017.pdfs will need to have a working knowledge of word processing software and be willing to learn several other types of applications software. documents/StudentHandbook 2016-2017.pdfs are encouraged to be members of their student vocational organization and will be called upon to perform duties for that organization.

Flash CS3 – IT 134/Photoshop CS3 – VCM 100
Grade: 10-12 Credit: 1 MaxCred: 1
Prerequisite: Word Processing or Introduction to Computers

This course will introduce Adobe Flash CS3. documents/StudentHandbook 2016-2017.pdfs will gain experience in creating graphics, animation, text, forms, and special effects. documents/StudentHandbook 2016-2017.pdfs will learn the skills in this course to become familiar with Flash, so they can create simple yet impressive animations that can be added to web sites or published as self-running Flash Player files. Photoshop CS3 is designed for the student who has little or no experience using Adobe Photoshop, and who needs to learn the basics skills that are necessary in order to begin to use this program effectively. This hands-on course is designed to give you a solid foundation in the world of graphic art. Whether you're interested in retouching your own photos or manipulating and altering images, or want to create original art from the ground up, this is the course for you. Photoshop is the tool most graphic arts professionals use.

Advanced Web Academy (Adv. Photoshop – OST 216, Adv. Flash – OST 216, Adv. Web Design – IT 230)
Grade: 11-12 Credit: 1 MaxCredit: 1
Prerequisite: Flash, Photoshop, and Web Design

This course is a continuation of Flash, Photoshop, and Web Design. documents/StudentHandbook 2016-2017.pdfs will expand upon their skills of using CS3 Flash technology. They will further develop their knowledge in Flash to create movies to be implemented into websites. documents/StudentHandbook 2016-2017.pdfs will expand upon their skills of photo editing using CS3 Photoshop technology. They will further develop their knowledge in Photoshop to create a webpage layout. This course is intended for the student who has experience with Dreamweaver and wants to move beyond the basic concepts. This course is designed to give the student experience with advanced topics in planning and implementing a professional web site. Emerging technologies will be explored in creating interactive web pages that incorporate cascading style sheets, DHTML, javascript, and multimedia and graphics. Issues to be covered will include designing for a cross-browser web site and different monitor resolutions.

Practicum I, II, III (OTM 198, OTM 298, OTM 398)
Grade: 11-12 Credit: 1 MaxCred: 3
Comments: Teacher recommendation required.
The Practicum provides supervised on-the-job work experience related to the student's educational objectives. documents/StudentHandbook 2016-2017.pdfs participating in the Practicum do not receive compensation.

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