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Ceiling and Roof Framing – CAR 196 & 197 / Exterior and Interior Finishing – CAR 200 & 201

Grade: 10-12 Credit: 2
Prerequisite: Introduction to Construction Carpentry

Ceiling and roof framing covers roof types and combinations of roof types used in the construction industry. The emphasis of this course is on layout, cutting and installing ceiling joists, rafters, roof decking, and roof coverings

Exterior and Interior Finishing presents basic concepts of building trim, gypsum wallboard, paneling, base, ceiling and wall molding with instruction on acoustical ceilings and insulation, wood floors, tile, inlaid adhesive and tools of the flooring trade. This course will continue to refine the techniques and skills taught in the previous carpentry courses. In this course, cost control, speed, and precision are emphasized. In addition, students will perfect the skills associated with the exterior finishing of a house.


Co-op I, II, III – Carpentry (CAR 199, 299)
Grade: 12 Credit: 1 MaxCred: 3
Prerequisite: Introduction to Carpentry
Comments: Teacher recommendation required. Must be taking a Carpentry course during the co-op experience.

Cooperative Education provides supervised on-the-job work experience related to the students' education objectives. documents/StudentHandbook 2016-2017.pdfs participating in the Cooperative Education program receive compensation for their work.


Introduction to Construction Carpentry & Lab (CAR 126 & 127)
Grade: 9-12 Credit: 1 MaxCred: 1

This course emphasizes the types, grades, sizes, and standards of building materials including the types of fasteners and their correct uses. documents/StudentHandbook 2016-2017.pdfs will also learn to correctly utilize and maintain commonly used hand and power tools. Safety in the lab and on the job site is stressed.


Site Layout and Foundations – CAR 140 & 141/Floor and Wall Framing – CAR 190 & 191
Grade: 10-12 Credit: 2 MaxCred: 2
Prerequisite: Introduction to Construction Carpentry

documents/StudentHandbook 2016-2017.pdfs will prepare materials, calculate the cost for a building site, and layout a site with a transit, locating property lines and corners. documents/StudentHandbook 2016-2017.pdfs calculate the amount of concrete needed for footing and foundation walls and construct different types of foundations and forms. The student will practice floor framing, layout, and construction of floor frames. Cutting and installing floor and wall framing members according to plans and specifications will also be practiced.

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