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Accounting and Finance Continued

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Financial Services II (BMO 040)
Grade: 10-12 Credit: 1 MaxCred: 1
Prerequisite: Financial Services I (BMO 020)
Comments: Teacher recommendation required.

documents/StudentHandbook 2016-2017.pdfs are expected to be self-starters and function as team members. documents/StudentHandbook 2016-2017.pdfs will participate in training new student employees in the school bank and may serve as officers upon the completion of Financial Services I. Leadership, good work ethics, employability skills, and management training are emphasized.


Computer Applications/Keyboarding
Intro to Computers for Office Technology/Keyboarding (CIS 100/OST 100*)
Grade: 9-12 Credit: 1 MadCred: 1

This course is designed for students who have little or no keyboarding experience. Keyboarding Applications will develop the touch system of keying with added emphasis on the development of proper keyboarding techniques, speed, and accuracy. Six to nine weeks will be spent developing the touch system. The student will apply techniques for proofreading, editing, capitalization, and punctuation for production of mailable copies of letters, interoffice memorandums, tabulated information, reports, and job search documents. A computerized workstation with appropriate software is provided for each student.


Personal Financial Management
Personal Finance (BA 120)
Credit: 1 MaxCred:1

Information needed to make intelligent choices and take effective action in the management of personal resources is provided. Topics include financial planning, buying, borrowing, saving, budgeting, investing, insurance, and taxes


Practicum I, II, III (OTM 198, OTM 298, OTM 398)
Grade: 11-12 Credit: 1 MaxCred: 3
Comments: Teacher recommendation required.

The Practicum provides supervised on-the-job work experience related to the student's educational objectives. documents/StudentHandbook 2016-2017.pdfs participating in the Practicum do not receive compensation.

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