Bank of the Tribe


New Accounts
New Accounts Representative opens up accounts for new bank customers. You are required to have basic knowledge in mathematics and communication skills. Must be able to process the withdrawals and deposits of each account accurately and update interest monthly. New Accounts Auditor audits the customers accounts at the end of the year to ensure accurate financial records.
The accountant maintains the budget for the bank. Posts daily transactions to ledger, perform weekly account reconciliation's, balance the bank statement, and produce end of year financial statements.
The teller collects the bank fees, check cashing fees and the change fees. They conduct transactions such as lunch loans, formal loans, deposits and withdrawals. With this job, you get to be "hands-on" with the actual money. You are required to balance cash drawer at the end of each day.
As loan officer you are responsible for processing loans, and you will meet with the loan committee to determine approval of all loans. You also fill the role of collection officer because you must follow necessary procedure to collect all outstanding loans by the April 20th deadline.
You are required to come up with ideas to help advertise the services of Bank of the Tribe. You make posters and fliers for each Holiday and special occasions. You are also assigned other duties when needed such as Grand Opening and Steak N Bean Bowl.

Interested in being a member of the bank class? Fill out a Bank of the Tribe Application and return to Mrs. Frazier.

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